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Kayak route through Finisterre

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Finisterre hides the true secret of the Costa da Morte: wild landscapes and impressive beaches, some with calm waters and others with strong waves, one of the wildest beaches in Galicia. And the great attraction of all time, the sunset over the immensity of the ocean, the sea at the end of the world.

The Romans thought that this was the westernmost point on earth and, therefore, the world ended here.

It was the "finis terrae." Why would anyone want to go to the end of the world?

Sardiñeiro de Abaixo is one of the parishes belonging to Fisterra. Fishing town with very few inhabitants but with a spectacular landscape. On this journey some spectacular beaches with crystal clear waters, which are etched in our retina.

Welcome to Galicia, we are happy to serve you.

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